GrowYoung is Kevin Roberts, Shannen Roberts, and Hunter Van Dam. The idea for this project started in the fall of 2011 when Kevin had the desire to form a band with his sister. Soon after meeting a drummer, they started writing and planning their first show and EP release. A year has passed and the brother/sister driven band is now working hard on a new EP!


Q: How was GrowYoung created and where did the name come from?

A: Kevin had a dream to start a band with his sister Shannen and soon after meeting a drummer, the three of them were hard at work writing and forming an original and energetic live set. Shannen thought of the name GrowYoung after her mom mentioned "she wants to stay young like Peter Pan".

Q: What's your favorite part of being involved in music?

A: Our favorite part of being involved in music is being able to create a new sound unlike typical popular music and to create an energy for the audience to feel and take part in our live performances. We like to be as creative as possible with all aspects of our performance-our stage presence, songwriting, harmonies, and even decorations and attire-so the audience will remember us. Talking to our fans after our shows is a lot of fun for us as well!


Photos by Zach Owens Photography